Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Sometimes we’re wrong about people.  We assume we have seen all they can do.  We assume we know how strong, intelligent, or creative they are.  Then, often by accident, we allow them an opportunity.

And they shine.

Wow, do they shine!

In private moments of reflection, we kick ourselves for not seeing the potential earlier than we did.  We realize how much better things would have been if we had allowed them to do what they are capable of doing.  We underestimate people.

When we underestimate, we miss out.  We miss out on the blessing of what could have been.  We miss out on the joy of what is.  We miss out on the hope of what can be.

Sometimes, we underestimate God.  We assume we have experienced the depths of his compassion, wisdom, and power.  But we have not even scratched the surface.

How sad it is think that one day we will look back and realize there was so much more to our great God than we realized.  That it took a crisis, or even an accident, for us to see it.

God does more than accept; He loves.

God does more than recycle; He re-creates.

God does more than wash; He makes new.

God does more than come near us; He breathes in us.

God does more than heal; He resurrects.

God does more than teach; He shows.

God does more than tell; He does.

God does more than demand our belief in Him; He demonstrates His belief in us.

God is not by your side to simply walk with you through life.

He is by your side to live with you, live in you, fight with you, fight for you,  cry with you, laugh with you, and be your everything.

Whatever you think God is…God is more than that.

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