Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Bye

Good-byes stink.  Rarely do we ever smile as we say "see you later."  High school graduations are the exceptions to the rule.

Over the last couple of years my wife and I have had to bid farewell to some very good people.  

It's never easy. 

Yesterday Christy spent her last morning with one of her favorite people.  Her friend is beginning the next adventure in her life and moving to the west coast.  Amid the promises to keep in touch is the difficult truth that a season has passed.  

It was a season of laughter, tears, sweat, and faith.  

Through this process of watching my wife say, "good bye," I'm reminded of a tendency that we often have.

As a way of protecting ourselves from the pain of losing a friend, we often build up emotional walls to keep people out of our hearts.  If we never let them in...they can never leave.  If they never leave, we will never be hurt.

But this plan leaves us isolated, alone, and empty.  

As difficult as the separation is, Christy is better for having opened her heart to Kim.  

Although saying "good bye" is hard and hurts deeply, it is nothing compared to the painful regret of never knowing what it means to know someone and be known.  To have a friend who gets you and expects only for you to be yourself.  To have someone who enjoys your success as much her own.  

Letting people in is a risk.  Keeping people out is a mistake.

Saying good bye only means we had the courage to say hello.

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