Wednesday, September 24, 2014

White Crayons

No one notices what I do.  No one sees me.  No one misses me when I'm gone.  No one cares.  No one appreciates how hard I try.  No one cares about my struggle.  I'm insignificant.  I'm irrelevant.  

If the white crayon could talk, I imagine those are the things it would say.  

Have you ever felt like the white crayon in a box filled with neon colors?  

There's a story in the Bible (the 5th chapter of the book of Mark) about a lady who had suffered in silence for years.  Her body had failed her.  He friends had failed her.  Her community had failed her.  

One day, as Jesus was walking through crowds of people, she reached out and touched his coat.  Jesus immediately stopped, turned, and spoke to her.  The circumstance, the healing, and the effects are worth reading sometime.  But I can't help think that the most profound part might have been when Jesus noticed her.  For years, she had been the white crayon.  Feverishly coloring her life's pages to no avail.  No one even noticed.  

Then Jesus passed by and said, "I see you.  You have an incredible amount of faith.  Be healed and go in peace." 

He noticed her.  He saw her!  For the first time, her life seemed to matter.

I don't know what you're going through today, but Jesus cares about the art you are creating.  Keep coloring.  Even when it does not seem to matter, keep coloring.  Even when no one else seems to notice, keep coloring.  You are making a difference.  And you matter.

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