Thursday, September 25, 2014


I love movement.  I love action.  I hate standing still.  I hate complacency.  But moving is only powerful when we choose to move.  

Moving is strength.  Being moved is weakness.  

If your life is moving right now, make sure you are the one moving it.  And be certain that you are moving towards something noble, just and right.  

If your life is moving towards selfishness, greed, pride, arrogance, lust, laziness, or deception...then you are being moved.  You are being pushed.  You are losing ground.  

When life tempts immovable.

When your past haunts immovable.

When your doubts threaten immovable.

When your confidence leaves immovable.  

Be immovable and discover strength you didn't know you had.

Be immovable and discover encouragement from unlikely sources.

Be immovable and discover who you were created to be:  AN IMMOVABLE ROCK OF HOPE THAT FINDS ITS RESOLVE IN THE HEART OF THE CREATOR.

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