Friday, December 27, 2013

The Healing Myth

What does it mean to be fully healed?  

Few surgeons ever promise a complete recovery.  Doctors may eliminate the pain.  Procedures may prevent further damage.  But the idea of again being at 100%?  For most people, it's just not reality.  

For some?  Maybe. 

For the rest?  I know a lot of "healed" people who will never have full range of motion.  Who will always require glasses.  Who still need daily medication.  Who still have flashbacks and nightmares.  Who can not be near alcohol.  Who, for the rest of their lives, will walk with a limp.

Physically?  My plantar fasciitis no longer gives me problems.  My labrum has been re-attached and the bone spurs  have been removed from my shoulder.  But I'm not at 100%  

Mentally?  Not even close.  Somewhere in the world, my 11th grade Chemistry teacher just laughed out loud.  

And emotionally?  Let's just say I'm a work in progress.  

Yet, as a follower of Jesus, the one thing I know is that my healing process will only be complete when I leave this broken world. 

And until then, I will continue to fight...even if I fight with a limp. 

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