Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shark Week

Crashing waves create the most peaceful sound on earth.  The deep blue ocean is the most beautiful sight on earth.  And sharks are the most fascinating creatures on earth.

My dream is to spend time in a shark cage.  I want to know that adrenaline rush.  I wan to experience the adventure.  I want to take the risk.  It is a bit costly but one day, somehow, it is going to happen.

The irony is that I have yet to conquer the enemy of motion sickness.

The thought of sitting in a boat, rocking up and down, and up and down, and up and down, well makes me want to vomit.

So, as long as I am moving towards the goal, preparing to dive, or in the cage descending to the depths of a lifelong dream, I’ll be fine.

But the moment the boat stops moving, I’m in trouble.

Drifting makes me sick.  Floating makes me miserable.  Letting the wind determine direction turns me green.

God created us all to be on mission.  To move with purpose and direction.  To set our sights on risk and adventure.  To remain focused and take initiative.  When we neglect that purpose, it is as if we are floating in the middle of the ocean.

Our souls get sick.

We abandon our missions for a lot of reasons.

We get tired.  We get discouraged.  We get angry.  We get jealous.

Whatever the reasons are, we allow them to put an end to our quest.

When the mission ends, we drift.  And our souls get sick.

You were made for mission.

There is more to you than even you know.

So rediscover what moves you, where you are strong, and most importantly, what mission God has placed on your heart.

Stop drifting.  Start diving.


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