Saturday, March 28, 2015

Let Go

What if good keeps us from better?

What if better keeps us from best?

What if holding on to the good that is seen keeps us from receiving the best that is unseen?

Our hands can only hold so much.  There comes a point when we have to let go of some things if we are ever going to hold different things.  It's difficult.  But it's true.

While trapped in darkness and without hope, a man named Jonah reached a profound conclusion.  He said, "People who cling to worthless things forfeit the grace that could have been theirs."  Did you catch that?

God is ready to pour out grace into our lives but He will allow us to be content without it.

He doesn't force His hand on us.

Neither does He pry open ours.

He says, "I've got something great for you.  But you'll need to let go of what you have if you are ever going to receive it."

What you are holding in your hands right now seems comfortable.  It is familiar.  It is safe.

But what if "better," or even "best," is just one decision away from you?

What if all God is waiting on is for you to let go.

Loosen that grip...and let go.

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