Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Memory Makin'

My past is littered with experiences.  The first time I rode a horse (and nearly died).  The first time I floated the river in a canoe (and nearly died).  The first time I got bit by a dog (and nearly died).   It appears I am remembering the wrong stuff.  

Let me start over.

My heart is full of memories.  The first time I saw Santa Claus.  The first time I took a camping trip with my dad.  The first time I rode a roller coaster.  The first time I thought I was in love.  The first time I put on a football jersey.  The first time I gave a talk to a church. The first time I benched 300.  The first time I bungee-jumped.  

My wife has her own memories too.  My daughter has her memories.  My son has his memories.  

But the best memories are those that we share.  That we all make together.  Those are the ones that we will be able to look back on and laugh.  Those are the ones that create inside jokes.  Those are the ones that are restricted to Team Rowland.  

There are some things that we need to do together.  Things that are not for others.  Things that are made even more special because they are just for us.

This past weekend, we made one of those memories.   

We packed up and drove to the mountains.  We camped in a tent...all 4 of us...1 tent!  We slept through a rainstorm.  We got up the next morning and rafted the Ocoee River.  My wife and kids fought through their fears and survived...but more than that.  They made a memory.  We made a memory.  

This is not about a bucket list.  My bucket list is about me.  

This is about memory makin.  Those are about us.  

And "us" is always better than "me."  

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