Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lessons from Shark Week

Shark Week is a bit of a holiday for me.  Well, minus the vacation part.  Every evening this week, my family will gather around the television and watch the latest documentary on our favorite animal.   

It’s a dream of mine to go below the surface and view sharks from a cage.  And I’m not the only one fascinated by these dangerous creatures.  Shark Week is a must watch for millions of people around the world.  

The irony is that we spend much of our lives searching for safety.  We go to great lengths to avoid pain, uncertainty, and danger.  For most of us, comfort is that ever elusive target.

Yet, it is fear that awakens us.  It causes our senses to go into overdrive.  Our breaths become shorter.  Our hearts beat faster.  Covering our ears and closing our eyes do nothing more than provoke our imagination.  

Fear is powerful.   

So back to Shark Week.  

One of the great things that the Discover Channel is doing for us this week is show us how we should cope with fear...Walk towards it.  As the sharks swarm, the divers remain calm and even reach out and touch the face of danger.

It may not seem to make sense, but it is who we were created to be.  Fearless.  Courageous.  Powerful.  Brave.  Bold.  Full of faith.  

Yes.  There’s a common sense factor.  I don’t know that we should unnecessarily throw ourselves into harm’s way.  But running from fear is never the answer.  

When we are comfortable, we fall asleep.

When we face fear, we are fully awake, alive, and alert.  

Bring it on Great White!

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