Monday, July 7, 2014

Celebrate with Caution

For many, this past weekend was the ultimate party.  Fireworks and watermelons were everywhere!  With the 4th of July landing on a Friday this year, it was a 72 hour celebration.  Most everyone was happy about that...except for our dogs.

On Friday night, while our kids spent some time with my parents, my wife and I were home alone with the dogs (Samson and Lucy).

So, from the comfort of our lawn chairs, we sat in the backyard and watched our neighbors celebrate by blowing up thousands of dollars.  Well, "comfort of our lawn chairs" may not be an entirely accurate description.  I had a 45lb labradoodle (Lucy) in my lap, while that puppies bigger brother (Samson) sat ON TOP OF my wife's feet.

While the nation celebrated, our dogs quietly wondered when it would end.

What was a celebration for us was a nightmare for them.

Earlier that day I thought a lot about how difficult the day must be for the children of former Tennessee Titan, Steve McNair.  July the 4th is also the anniversary of their father's death.  It certainly was not a day of partying for them.

Rarely, if ever, do we all celebrate at one time.

On the same day someone drives off the lot with a new car, someone else totals his dad's classic Camaro.

On the same day one child looks to the bleachers and gets a thumbs up from his dad, another child wishes his dad cared enough to come to his game.

On the same day one mother holds her child for the first time, another mother miscarries.

On the same day one receives a call with a job offer, 49 other applicants receive emails saying, "Thanks but no thanks"

On the same day one bride marries, another gets served divorce papers.

Don't stop celebrating when good things happen to you.  It's healthy.  It's right.  It's necessary.

But as you celebrate, don't forget about those who mourn.

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