Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I don't like the New England Patriots.  It feels good to express that.  Very therapeutic.

The only time I even consider cheering for the Patriots is when they play the Philadelphia Eagles.  Because, boy do I dislike those Eagles.  In a game between the two of them, I struggle.  Hmmm.... Who do I dislike more?

Here's the point.  The fact that I don't like the Patriots means nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

They are the most successful sports franchise over the last 20 years.  Their quarterback is arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport.  Their coach is considered to be one of the best head coaches of all time.  The Patriots are talented.  The Patriots are dominant.  The Patriots are the model organization.  But I don't like them.

I also don't like kale.  I don't like school.  I don't like rain.  I don't like rap, hip-hop, or classical music.  And I don't like romantic comedies.

But kale is full of health benefits.  School is a foundation of society.  Rain makes things grow.  All music is a form of art.  And romantic comedies, well, I'm sure there must be a purpose.

There will be people who do not like you.  There will be people who do not appreciate your gifts.  There will be people who don't get you, don't want you around, and possibly even cheer for you to lose.

That means nothing!

You have gifts.  You have much to offer your world.  You change lives.  You make things grow.  You are an expression of God's creativity.  You are overflowing with purpose.

The truth is that I don't like the Patriots because THEY ARE BETTER than the teams I do like.

When all is said and done, I cannot deny their greatness.

You may not be everyone's drink of choice, but in the end. if you continue to shine, no one will be able to deny the greatness of God that is in you.

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