Friday, January 30, 2015

Princess #1 and Princess #2

When I was 20 years old, I fell in love.  Knowing she was a child of God, the King of Glory, when I took her hand in marriage I was also making a promise to Him.  I was committing to care for and protect God's daughter...Princess #1

In 1999, Princess #1 gave birth to a baby girl...and I fell in love again.  Princess #2 is the most amazing person.  Inside and out.  She's simply perfect. When God gave her to me, He expected me to care for and protect her too.

So there I was...and here I am.  Shouldering the responsibility of caring for two of God's most beautiful creations.  It is an honor.  It is a blessing.  And it is the most important calling in my life.

Seeing Princess #1 and Princess #2 smile, laugh, and love life is the single greatest source of happiness in my life.  

Seeing either of them hurt, cry, and struggle is the single greatest source of pain in my life.  

Foolishly (and maybe arrogantly), I convinced myself that it was possible to shield them from all heartache.  That it was not only my duty, but something they should expect from me!

The truth is it is impossible.  I can't.  I just can't.

On days when that reality hits the hardest, I fall to my knees, look up to God and place them back in His hands.  There is a role in their lives that I am not able, or even created, to fill.  Only God can reveal their true worth.  There are some tears that only He can dry.  There are some hurts that only He can heal.  

I'll continue to fight for the heart of Princess #1.  I'll continue to unleash fury on anyone who dishonors Princess #2.  I'll sharpen my blade and fortify the walls that surround our castle.  But in the end, I can not protect them from all pain.  

And that's the deepest hurt of all.

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