Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I Want for Christmas

Dear Santa,

I've been blessed beyond what I deserve this year.  But I still want some things.  I would like for you to give the following 5 things to my friends, my church, and the people of my city:

To try new things.  Take chances.  Be bold.  Stand firm.  To do the right thing and accept the consequences.  

In what God can do.  In who they can become.  In others.  In themselves

So that they can learn to be grateful.  So that their confidence can be rooted in God's strength instead of their own talents.  So that they can resist the temptation to shine a flashlight on themselves and let God shine a floodlight through them.

To forgive those who have hurt them.  To move past their own disappointments.  To reach down and help someone back up.

5)  HOPE
To help them smile again.  Breathe again.  Love again.  Live again.

And Santa, I'd like for you to get a little something for yourself.  "Something real nice."



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