Monday, October 20, 2014

Faith and Family

A long time ago, a man named David was set apart by God to be a difference maker.  He was given a special opportunity.  A unique set of skills.  Extraordinary influence.

He also had a family.

Over time, David's family fell apart.  His crew redefined dysfunction.  It was a mess.  There was  an affair.  Murder.  Tragedy.  Estrangement.  Rape.  And war.  Maybe the burden of leading God's people was too much.  Maybe he was just a flawed man.  Maybe his gifts became his curse.  Maybe he was defeated by his strengths.

But he still had an obligation to God.

His faith seemed to be in the way of being a family man.

His family seemed to be in the way of his faith.

After reading through his story, here are some reminders for me:

Your faith comes first. That doesn’t mean your family comes last

You do not have to rob your family to give to others

Following God will never lead you to neglect your family

One of the greatest gifts you can give your community is a strong family. 

Your can accomplish more with a family than you can as an individual.

No amount of good deeds will make up for the lack of time you spent with your family.

Your most significant mission is to serve your family

Too many successful people live with the regret of neglect.  Your family needs you.

When you have opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others, don't leave your family behind.

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