Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fresh Pair of Eyes

When we're alone, it's hard to find stuff.  We walk all around the house looking for the sunglasses on top of our head.  We stare at the same homework project for 3 hours and somehow miss the fact that we misspelled our name at the top of the paper.  Sometimes what we need is a fresh pair of eyes.

Someone to come into our life and

point out a gift we didn't know we had

gracefully uncover a flaw that is holding us down

creatively communicate an old truth in a way that makes sense

bravely share his story of pain and redemption

mercifully give us reason to hope again

All around us are people who have lost something.  Perspective.  Dreams.  Confidence.  Hope.

Maybe today I can be that fresh pair of eyes for someone.

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