Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Doesn't God Shout?

My son is a terrible whisperer.  He tries, but God bless him, he is so loud!  In his excitement to express himself and share his life with us he simply has trouble with volume control.

Wouldn't it be nice if God spoke just as loudly?

I'd give anything if my son would whisper and God would shout.

Hearing God is one of the great mysteries of faith.  The Bible gives example after example of how God speaks.  Most of the time He whispers.  But why?

Why is God's voice so difficult to hear?  And why is the voice of the enemy so loud?  He's louder than my son!

God whispers Truth.  The enemy shouts lies!

This has always seemed so backwards to me.  But the more I think about it, the more it is starting to make sense.  People whisper when they are next to one another.  People shout because there is a distance between them.

God's whispers are clear when my heart is close to His.  God's great desire is closeness with me.  If I am near Him, a whisper is all I need from Him.  God would need to shout at me only if there is a great distance between us.

As for shouts of the enemy?  I pray he always has to shout at me.  It means there is space between us.

Yes, there are times when I wish God would speak more loudly.  But maybe I need to walk more closely.  Then, His voice would be loud and clear.



JudyABishop said...
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carrie brock said...

I miss your sermons. It's just not the same :(