Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not Profound But Perfect

Creative?  Sure.  Great at brainstorming?  Absolutely not.  I have often been labeled as a creative person.  Nearly as often, I have been accused of keeping thoughts to myself.  

I force ideas to stay inside my head until I can perfectly communicate them.  Until I've thought it through.  Until I'm sure it is a profound idea that no one else has ever considered.  Yes, it's ridiculous.  But it is my default mode.  

But this week, my kids reminded me that an idea does not have to be profound to be perfect.  

It's spring break around here...and we're not at the beach, the mountains, or anywhere else fun.  We're home.  

I was feeling pretty guilty for not taking my family anywhere and was doing my best to think of fun things to do around here.  

So instead of waiting on the perfect idea, I decided to blurt out the first thing that came to mind:  Let's spend the night in an old school "fort."  You know what I mean.  The kind made out of chairs and blankets.  

The idea is not new.  It is not exciting.  It is not costly.  It is not even very comfortable for my wife and me.  But to the kids?  It was the perfect idea.

So we crammed in the fort and strained our necks for 90 minutes while trying to look up at the tv to watch Madascar 3 for the third time.  We then played a board game and called it a "vacation."  

Profound idea?  Not at all.  The perfect idea?  You bet.   

Don't dismiss your ideas and dreams because they're unoriginal, ordinary, or  unexciting.  

What is not profound to you may be perfect for someone else.

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Melissa said...

Simple, yet profound is right before our eyes. I bet you guys had a wonderful vacation.

Thanks for sharing your writings Chad, enjoy your weekend with the family....makes the circle stronger.