Monday, April 13, 2015

Sick No More

Jesus once asked a sick man if he wanted to get well.  What kind of cruel question was that?  Of course he wanted to get well.  Was Jesus taunting him?  Was Jesus blaming him for his own sickness?    Why would any sick person ever answer anything but, "Yes!"

Because it is possible to get comfortable being sick.

When it is all you have known for a long time, it can become the new normal.  It can become more than a label.  It can become a name.  It can do more than explain the present.  It can seemingly have the power to predict the future.

We're sick and always will be.  We're damaged and always will be.  We're addicted and always will be.  We're hurting and always will be.  We feel betrayed, abandoned, and left alone.  And always will.

We become so familiar with the pain that we cannot imagine life without it.

When Jesus asked the sick man if wanted to get well, He was asking the man if he was willing to no longer be known as the poor, helpless, sick guy.  

Getting better brings about change.  Change is difficult.  Change is scary.  Change is unfamiliar.

Has your pain become a security blanket for you?  If so, it's time to lay it down.  To leave the disappointment that you know for the freedom you don't know.  It's time to get well.


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