Monday, December 8, 2014

O Courage Where Art Thou?

When we think of courageous men and women, we think of soldiers, superheroes, and those who risk bodily harm (even their lives) for a great cause.  General Patton.  William Wallace.  Even Katniss Everdeen.  Yet, sometimes it takes more courage to simply do the right thing than to make the big sacrifice.

When we have a choice.  When we will receive no glory.  When we will hear no applause.  When we still have a measure of doubt.  It is in those moments that we find out just how courageous we really are.

History remembers those who risk everything and give all.

And I'm glad it does.  Their bravery inspires us in our darkest times.

But do not underestimate the power of your small steps of obedience.

The path God has laid out for you may not appear newsworthy.  The next step for you may not seem significant.  But this is the kind of moment that requires great courage.

When you are in need of courage, go back to what you believe.

The strength to live courageously is discovered in the depth of your belief.

If your belief starts and ends with, "I believe God exists," then your courage may be difficult to find.

However, if you believe God exists, He is for you, He has plans for you, He is in control of all, He is full of mercy, He is the source of wisdom, He can be trusted, and He will never leave you, then what do you have to fear?

Know what you believe and discover your courage.

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