Wednesday, July 16, 2014


In times of desperation, we discover how selfish we really are.  We want an answer.  A sign.  A rescue.

And we we want someone to care about it just as much as we do.  We want someone to share our sense of urgency.  But no one does.

People have their own lives to live.  They have responsibilities and appointments to keep.  They even have their own desperate moments.

But that doesn't make it any easier.

Days go by.  Weeks go by.  And nothing changes.  We're still stuck...and no one seems to care.

How dare they go on like everything is fine!  Everything can't be fine...because we're not fine.

We can't find it  within us to celebrate with all those shiny happy people around us.  How can they dance though life while mine is falling apart?

It's at this point that it hits us.  We are selfish to our core.  We want the world to stop when we lose our breath.  We want the world to mourn our sorrows.  We want the world to smile only when we give it permission.

And that's wrong.  The problem is not with the busy people who do not share our burden. The problem is with us.

Perhaps the most tragic part is that our own lonely sense of urgency keeps us from seeing the desperation in others.  Just because they don't see us, doesn't mean we can't see them.

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