Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Give People a Chance

I love Hugo.
I hate Jin.
Charlie is weird.
Charlie is my favorite.  
I love Jin.
I don’t trust Jack.
I love Jack.
I don’t like Hugo.

And on it goes.  

These are things said by my kids as they watch Lost this summer.  They're on Season 3 now.  I'm such a proud dad.

Anyway, their feelings about the characters change.  Again.  And again. And again.


Each episode of Lost presents a back story of a different character.  And each episode gives the characters a chance to redeem themselves. 

Getting to know someone makes a difference.  

One snapshot of a person’s life is not enough.  We all have layers.  We are all complicated.  We all have good days.  And we all fall down.  Sometimes our arrogance hides our insecurities.  Sometimes our lack of sensitivity masks our lack of trust in people.  

There may be a reason why that cashier was short with you.  There may be a reason why the driver pulled out in front of you.  There may be a story behind your neighbor’s arrest.  There may be a...(you fill in the blank).

It’s true.  Some people are just mean.  Some are out for revenge.

But often times, there is a back story.  And if you will take the time to learn the story, it might just change your mind.  Let the story unfold before you decide to write off someone.

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