Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dirty Love

Ken and Barbie.  

Embarrassing?  More than you can imagine.  But there was a time when our love was like that.  So much so that our college friends donned us “Ken and Barbie.”  

Our love...well, it just made sense.  We waited for each other.  We valued the same things.  We were so much alike it was scary.  We were best friends.  Heck, I even popped the question in the Holy Land.  Seriously.  I proposed to Christy in Israel on the Sea of Galilee!  What kind of goofy couple does that?  

Our story started with a shine.  We got along so well that we would pretend to understand the struggles other newlyweds had.  We would nod and say things like, “Yea.  No kidding.  Don’t you hate it when she does that?”

Over the years...pain, struggle, disappointment, and frustration have taken their toil.  We still get along better than ever.  We still finish others’ sentences.  We don’t fight or raise our voices with each other.  But the glossy finish that covered our marriage is gone.  Life has a way of doing that.  But our love is still real.  True.  And only growing with time.  Now our love is edgy, fierce, dingy, and even a bit raw

Ken and Barbie are gone. Long gone.  And that's not such a bad thing.   

We’ve settled into a new kind of relationship.  The polish is gone but the passion remains.  We're not even that interested in cleaning it up.  Instead we embrace this dirty love.  Instead of Ken and Barbie, we're going for more of a Leonidas and Gorgo kind of thing.

Happy Anniversary "Gorgo"...I mean Christy.  "My queen.  My wife.  My love."


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