Sunday, June 29, 2014


The difference between confident belief and arrogant pride is significant.  Some of the most arrogant people in the world are doing their best to mask their lack of confidence.  And some of the most confident people in the world walk through life, willing to go unnoticed, in order to fulfill their mission.

Pain and disappointment have a way of eroding pride.  I guess that's the blessing in the thorn.  But if that disappointment lingers too long, it always chips away at confidence. That is never a good thing.  

Arrogant pride says, "I don't need anyone.  I can do this because I am strong enough."

Confident belief says, "On my own, I am not enough.  But in God's strength I will be victorious."

Don't be afraid of confidence.  Believe in what God can do through you!

Beware of arrogance.  It will fool you into thinking you're more than you are.   And you will fall.

I know God doesn't actually change, but honestly sometimes it seems the smaller I become the bigger God gets.

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