Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Power of Desperation

Desperation is a powerful force.  It can strengthen.  It can weaken.  It can encourage belief.  It can harden a heart.  It can also make us aware of something more.  Something bigger than ourselves.

When we are out of options, God suddenly seems relevant.  Our desperate need for a miracle causes us to raise our hands toward heaven and beg for mercy.  Moments like these cause us to look for God.

Not surprisingly, when we look for God He shows up.

The truth?  God has always been there.  And here.  Behind us.  Before us.  The past.  The future.


We have a way of only reaching out to God when what we want is beyond our reach.

The truth?  Everything that is in our reach is in our reach because God cares enough for us to put it there.  From breath to breath, God gives each one to us.

Sometimes I wonder if God purposely puts some things on the top shelf, just beyond our grasp, so that we will become desperate.  In that desperation, we raise our hands and acknowledge what has always been with us...God's presence.

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