Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It Makes No Sense

Jesus said a lot of things that seemed to make no sense.  When someone attacks us, He told us to try and turn the other cheek.  When we are oppressed, we are to respond with kindness.  When we are mocked, we are to remain silent.  Say what?

It is certainly not natural.  Yet, when we heed Jesus' advice we find a strange peace.  And that makes no sense either.

I'm not sure they're included in the Bible, but I've found some other odd things to be true.  Like these:

* When we discover what we fear the most, we should run towards it.

* Silence can be just as loud as our words.

* Honor is more valuable than achievement.

* Acknowledging our weakness makes us strong.

Every day God seems to rock my world with truth that makes no earthly sense.  So I can hold on to what I know or trust in what I can not see.  Once again, the thing that makes the least sense appears to be the safest choice.

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Melissa said...

I know in my worst situations I must quiet my world because God speaking the softest, which is calming.

Wonderful words above with my favorite being 'silence can be just as loud as our words.'

Thanks for continuing your ministry through your blog...the story of Jesus is to be conveyed beyond our understanding and situations.